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FAQs – Industrial & Domestic Waste Management Solutions

What are the primary uses for builders skips?

For large quantities of heavy domestic waste and builder’s waste or rubble, skips provide a convenient and relatively low-cost solution. These are large open-top metal bins, rectangular with tapering sides, which are delivered to, and taken away from, the site by powerful trucks equipped with hydraulic hoists. Midbins takes responsibility for the disposing of the normal waste.

Where may I place the skip?

The skip may be placed in front of your property providing it does not obstruct the normal traffic flow. You may place the skip inside your own property providing there will be enough space for the driver to deliver and collect it safely. Midbins takes no responsibility for any damage to the surface and driveway tracks (gate spoors) if delivered inside your property. The skip must remain in exactly the same position as we delivered it. Moving it can hinder our loading of the skip.

What can be put in the skip?

Skips are for general solid waste. Among the items that you cannot put in are: TV’s and computer monitors, fridges and freezers, tyres, fluorescent tubes, or hazardous waste (including pots of paint or solvents). Asbestos needs a special closed skip and may not be put in open builders skips.

What happens to the rubbish?

Most skip contents end up in landfills. Reputable skip-hire companies and local authorities take the rubbish to a depot or materials recycling facility, where the contents are separated for recycling, if possible.

Do I need to grant access to the site?

Please make sure that there is sufficient place to offload the skip. The truck is a code 10 and surface ground should be hard enough to support the weight of the full load. It is not the responsibility of Midbins for any surface damage caused by delivery or collection.

What is the period of rental?

The rental period is 7 (seven) days or until the skip is full. The best policy may be to ensure the skip is in place at the critical time when you can fill it up quickly, and then have it removed – Otherwise it might attract other people’s rubbish.

How full can I load the skip?

To be legally transported when full, skips are supposed to be ‘level-loaded’ – In other words, filled only to the height of the sides.

What is the size of the builders skip?

The standard size is a ‘6 cubic meter’ builder’s skip – Approximate size 3,6 (L) 1,2 (W) 1,5(H)

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